Priority Targets

Priority Targets
The members of the Mal’caor Shi high command (collectively ‘the Transcendence’) are named herein, by the order of the 31st Intelligence Cohort (Black Zone Liaison Section). Quality of said intelligence, while representing the sum total of relevant knowledge at Imperial disposal, is provisional at best. In addition to the following, intelligence projections suggest two to four lower-ranked Ethereal Caste members, thus far unobserved.

Aun’El Basel’kyth
Suspected head researcher/philosopher, Ethereal Caste. Elimination projected to affect enemy morale only. Priority target. Projected location: Beldar Academy, Tsua’Malor.

Aun’O Tsualal
Confirmed presence Velen battlezone, Greyhell front. Significant Tau strategist, Ethereal Caste. Translated commgrabs suggest overall command of forces on Tsua’Malor. Priority Omega target. Personal armoured grav-unit, Fire Caste bodyguard, shield/gun drone swarm present at all contacts.

Shas’O M’yen
Senior tactical advisor, fire caste. Referred to by sympathisers as ‘Commander Scornfoe’. Projected Location: Unknown. Priority Omega target. Crisis battlesuit/support weapon suit, multiple gun drones, fire caste command section.

Aun’Ui Kol’denh
Social engineering advisor, Ethereal Caste. Multiple contacts, Warzone Epsilon. Armoured anti-grav unit, life support system (possible deteriorating health). Projected location: Orbital installation, Iphigenia. Defensive/offensive capabilities unknown.

Kor’O Volescur
Senior ambassador, Water Caste. Projected location: Orbital dockyards, Tsua’Malor. Personal craft known among sympathisers as the Liberation. Significant evasive/offensive capabilities, Fire Caste marine/boarding detail.

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Priority Targets

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