This page is for adjustments that are not made in the book or things that may or may not be clear.

Back pack ammo supplies carry 8 rockets. The back pack comes with 8 rockets and may be frag and krak rockets in any amount of either you choose. If you wish to purhase any additional rockets, an incendiary for example, you must pay the requisition costs (you will get two rockets per purchase) and then replace one or more of the 8 frag or krak rockets. For example, you have a 6 frag rockets and 2 krak rockets, you then purchase 2 incendiary rocket and replace 2 of your frag rockets. You now have 4 frag rockets, 2 krak rockets, and 2 incendiary rocket.
As a free action, at the very beginning of your turn, you may select one rocket from your pack to be loaded into your launcher; for simplicity, it may be any rocket you have in your backpack.

All space marines, that starts with a bolter (the assault and devastator marine does not), starts with three clips of ammo in his gun (thanks to your fire selector) and future purchases of a bolter comes with the same amount of ammo. It fair to note that the tactical marine starts with one clip of Special Issue ammunition, it replaces one of the ammo you are already carrying. You also start with an Astartes bolt pistol, 3 Astartes frag grenades, 3 Astartes krak grenades; the bolt pistol comes with one ammo clip of ammo in the gun, if you purchase a fire selector for your pistol, two additional clips of ammo come with it. At the beginning of every mission, you will be provided with 1 additional clip of bolter ammo and 2 clips of bolt pistol ammo; you can replace the 2 clips of bolt pistol ammo with 1 clip of bolter ammo and visa versa. If you do not have a bolter, you start with 4 clips of bolt pistol ammo. If you wish to carry additional clips, you must replace a grenade. The ratio is one clip of ammo (or two bolt pistol clips) for one grenade of any kind.
We will be using the ‘Rule of Three’. You have three extra chips for all range weapons you have (the exception is the ammo backpack).

As far as I am concerned, they have the wrong damage for the plasma weapons. Increase the damage by 1d10 for the following plasma weapons: Astartes Plasma Pistol, Astartes Plasma Gun (Ragefire), Astartes Plasma Cannon, and Deathroar. Everything else works the same. check errata

It is a half action to put on, or remove, your helmet. The helmet can be used as an improvised weapon.

If a weapon is destroyed, the all mighty GM will be specific; all other things that sound like it would be is just to improve immersion.

Fate points
Spending one Fate Point allows a Space Marine to do one of the following: (these are directly copied from the Deathwatch book, I have not changed any of them.)
• Re-roll a failed test once. The results of the re-roll are final.
• Gain a +10 bonus to a test. This must be chosen before dice are rolled.
• Add an extra Degree of Success to a test. This may be chosen after dice are rolled.
• Count as having rolled a 10 for Initiative.
• Instantly remove 1d10 Damage (this cannot affect Critical Damage).
• Instantly recover from being Stunned.
• Enter Squad Mode without a Cohesion Test.
• Gain a +1 bonus to your Rank for the benefits of a Solo Mode ability.
• Remove one level of Fatigue.

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