Character creation

You will be rolling your stats and choosing where they go. For your character backgrounds, all I want is your chapter, how long you’ve been a space marine, your demeanour, and the history thats given on page 29 and 30 of Deathwatch (or something along those lines); everything else will be done in game.

While creating your characters, there are several different area you will need to go to. After you have created your stats, chosen your chapter, then your class, you need to go to page 161 to choose your armor history. You may re-roll this once and you must take the second re-roll. After that, you need to go to page 169-170 for Chapter Trappings, where you get one.

Important questions to ask yourself are:

The Emperor: Do you consider the Emperor a legendary father figure (as most Chapters do), or do you consider him a divine being?

The Codex Astartes: How closely do you (or your Chapter) adhere to the Codex Astartes? Are you used to finding innovative solutions or do you prefer everything to go “by the book?”

Purity: How pure is your gene-seed? Some Chapters (the Space Wolves and Blood Angels amongst them) have severe complications with their gene-seed. Some individual Space Marines have difficulties adjusting to the particular effects of their Chapter’s gene-seed.

Psykers: How do you (or your Chapter) view psykers? Most Chapters utilise Librarians and rely on psykers like most other facets of the Imperium, whilst some are far more suspicious of their nature or eschew the benefits of Librarians altogether.

Mankind: How do you (and your Chapter) view the citizens of the Imperium and humanity as a whole? How do you react upon meeting and interacting with a normal Imperial citizen?

Lastly, a few things to remember:

• The Deathwatch’s partnership with the Ordo Xenos and their focus on hunting aliens does not mean that they ignore other threats! Heretics, daemons, and Chaos Space Marines alike are all foes of the Imperium and are worthy of the Deathwatch’s attention.

• The saying “And They Shall Know No Fear,” is famously attributed to Space Marines. It means that they are exceptionally brave and motivated warriors, but it is not literally true: most Space Marines understand and experience fear, but they control it and channel it to a much greater degree than any normal man. This means that Space Marines are wise and tactical forces on the battlefield—if Space Marines retreat, they do so for a reason; they do not flee pell-mell before an enemy advance.

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