Deathwatch, Kill-team Delta

Mission two: The Subversive of Vespasia

Vespasia: an Agriworld in the path of the Acheros Salient. Vespasia functions as a rally point, and the primary supplier, for the Cellebos Warzone. The Acheros Salient does not have the resources to siege this planet as well as fight in the Cellebos Warzone; Ordo Hereticus has taken the initiative to temporary remove this threat, in hope that it will provide a strategic advantage in the Cellebos Warzone.

Below is the briefing provided.


• Is .234% smaller then Terra
•30% water
o 28% covered by Hive City Vespasia
o 2% lakes and rivers

o 63% farm land
o 5% unusable (mountains, tar pits, lava flows…)
o 2% settlements

•1.13 Terra Standard gravity
•27 hour days
•0.01157 difference between standard Terra year length
•Rains 26.75372% of the year
•Yearlong growing season
o Farming is primarily done by slaves

•Inactive global satellite/security net
o Created pre Age of Shadow
•One major space station controlled by the Word Bearers Legion
•Two hundred and twelve (approximately) warp-capable transports
•There are one Tyrant Class Cruiser and one Iconoclast Destroyer controlled by the Word Bearer Legion in orbit
o Unknown number of Traitor marines onboard

Hive City Vespasia

•74.7 trillion people
o 37.124975% mutation rate in humans

•Has approximately 4, 000 levels
o All approximately 3 meters high, though grows I height the higher the levels

•Water underneath Hive City Vespasia is unusually pure
•Earthquakes happen about 2.7613 times per year
•Vespasia is controlled by Word Bearer Legion
o Infighting is allowed as long as it does not affect productions, and transportation, of food, water, and weapons to the Cellebos Warzone

•Produces auto and las weapons in small numbers
o Approximately 1, 373, 000 made every Terra standard year
o Primarily ran by slaves

•At least three Word Bearer Legion outpost
o Approximately twenty to thirty Word Bearer Traitor marines on planet at one given time, primarily in the Hive City Vespasia


•It is not uncommon for Eldar raiders to harvest slaves
o Web Way gate expected to be in neighbouring solar system(s)
•An Ork infection that was purged by the Word Bearer Legion approximately 23 years ago
o There have been no Waaaghs! since the purge

• Yellow: either abandoned areas, areas of conflict, areas of no value, areas controlled by minor gangs

• Rutilus Nex (red)
o Leader: Blood Drinker
 Larger than average mutant
o Distinctive features
 A large number of mutated animals are used

• Cometissa Possideo (orange)
o Leader: Lady Death
 Powerful seer/witch
 Not seen in person for 30 years
o Distinctive features
 Larger than average amount of psykers in their ranks, primarily seers

• Cruorem (green)
o Leader: Golden
 Highly intelligent
 Most passive of the gang leaders though ruthless
 Inspires more loyalty in members
o Distinctive features
 Holds 70% of Hive City Vespasia weapons production
 Is the richest of the gangs
 Has the best equipment

• Abyssus Ora (blue)
o Leader: Salvation
 130% larger body mass then average human
 Uses Servitor as bodyguards/enforcers
o Distinctive features
 Owns 65% of the slaves and therefore controls the majority of the food production
 Is not effects as much by the Eldar raids as to be expected
 Rumoured to have Ork slaves

• Medium Nox Noctis (teal)
o Leader: unknown
o Distinctive features
 Complete control over territory through fear
 Uses tactics similar to the Night Lords Legion
 Members unknown

• Noctu Vix (brown)
o Leader: Tchar’zanek
 Powerful summoner
o Distinctive features
 The only gang to openly worship the Dark Gods

Mission one: The Sanctus Apparatus

After the month long trip to the Koronus expanse, and then through the Well of Night, you finally arrived in the The Jericho Reach. It wasn’t until another week of warp travel that you arrive at a classified section of space, which is in the path of the Orpheus Salient. There you can across the Sanctus Apparatus, a Adeptus Mechanicus’s raider class ship; any additional information on the ship has not been provided and is deemed need to know only.

Your primary objective:

*identify the reason(s) the Sanctus Apparatus is “abandoned” in this specific part of space, within the four (4) hour time limit, at which you will be extracted.
-you will be extrated at the four (4) hour time limit whether or not the objective is completed.

Secondary objectives are:

*remove the three (3) massive mycetic spore connected to the ship.
*repair the mysterious plasma leak that is interfering with communication.
*locate any survivors (if any are present), question them, and then remove all witnesses of your passing.

Through the exploration of the Sanctus Apparatus, your team has discovered the bridge destroyed and the machine spirit corrupted. The tech-marine Cadmus was able to extract basic information about the ship and the location of a separate cogitator. After the removal of a small tyranid force, you located the cogitator room, which is guarded by the only active servitor as of yet. The cogitator room shows signs of a battle, but the room is generally only slightly damaged. The ancient cogitator machine spirit has clearly been tampered with; it is missing almost 6000 years of memories and the machine spirit is lacking the strength of an ancient spirit.

After a final confrontation with The Great Devourer, and the sacrifice of Logen, Cadmus discovered the damage caused by the Tyranid, in combination with the unusual mysterious plasma, was causing a chain reaction that would destroy the ship. A quick retreat, after retrieving Logen’s gene-seed, was in order.

At the debriefing, you discovered that this wasn’t the only derelict ship found (though the only Adeptus Mechanicus one), but the only one to explode. The nature of these vessels, the causes of the corruption, and invasion of the ship are being investigated by Ordo Xenos and the Adeptus Mechanicus; all other information is need to know.

End of log.

Experienced/renowned missed:
- complete debriefing
- the survival of all members
- locating any survivors
- removal of all the spores


You have been recently send off, by your chapter, to join Deathwatch; this is an honor you were chosen for since you were a scout (Neophytes, in the case of Black Templars) because of your exceptional skills and potential.

As of now, you are on board an imperial strike cruiser, the Vigilo Oculus, on route to your first mission in the The Jericho Reach’s. It will take you about one month (warp time) to get to the xeno Warp Gate, the Well of Night.

You have not been introduced to your inquisitorial handler, the other members of your kill-team, or briefed on the up coming mission. There is only a few members of the Adeptus Astartes on board, however, so they are easy to track them down if you wish.

All you brought with you was your weapons, armor, and a serf provided to you by your chapter. Though they do not know it, but after your tour with Deathwatch (or your death, which is more likely) they will be mind wiped and turned into a servitor so they can serve your chapter even in death.


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