Deathwatch, Kill-team Delta

Mission one: The Sanctus Apparatus

After the month long trip to the Koronus expanse, and then through the Well of Night, you finally arrived in the The Jericho Reach. It wasn’t until another week of warp travel that you arrive at a classified section of space, which is in the path of the Orpheus Salient. There you can across the Sanctus Apparatus, a Adeptus Mechanicus’s raider class ship; any additional information on the ship has not been provided and is deemed need to know only.

Your primary objective:

*identify the reason(s) the Sanctus Apparatus is “abandoned” in this specific part of space, within the four (4) hour time limit, at which you will be extracted.
-you will be extrated at the four (4) hour time limit whether or not the objective is completed.

Secondary objectives are:

*remove the three (3) massive mycetic spore connected to the ship.
*repair the mysterious plasma leak that is interfering with communication.
*locate any survivors (if any are present), question them, and then remove all witnesses of your passing.

Through the exploration of the Sanctus Apparatus, your team has discovered the bridge destroyed and the machine spirit corrupted. The tech-marine Cadmus was able to extract basic information about the ship and the location of a separate cogitator. After the removal of a small tyranid force, you located the cogitator room, which is guarded by the only active servitor as of yet. The cogitator room shows signs of a battle, but the room is generally only slightly damaged. The ancient cogitator machine spirit has clearly been tampered with; it is missing almost 6000 years of memories and the machine spirit is lacking the strength of an ancient spirit.

After a final confrontation with The Great Devourer, and the sacrifice of Logen, Cadmus discovered the damage caused by the Tyranid, in combination with the unusual mysterious plasma, was causing a chain reaction that would destroy the ship. A quick retreat, after retrieving Logen’s gene-seed, was in order.

At the debriefing, you discovered that this wasn’t the only derelict ship found (though the only Adeptus Mechanicus one), but the only one to explode. The nature of these vessels, the causes of the corruption, and invasion of the ship are being investigated by Ordo Xenos and the Adeptus Mechanicus; all other information is need to know.

End of log.

Experienced/renowned missed:
- complete debriefing
- the survival of all members
- locating any survivors
- removal of all the spores



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